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WAVES by Vicios Ocultos for the Artist Relief Fund

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About us

focus, philosophy,
and values

The Hostetler/Wrigley Foundation believes in long-term progress and a nation that never stops improving.

We endeavor to help build a country where everyone has a fair chance to follow their dreams as well as the tools and resources to make those dreams a reality. This is the true promise of our country. Yet for too many, the opportunities remain just out of reach, so we’re working to drive parity across our society and expand access for a more inclusive future.

Our core values guide all our decisions. They are:

  • an ethical approach

  • action over talk

  • relentless forward momentum

  • data-driven investments

  • intentionality

  • a sense of humility

  • collective responsibility

"At the Hostetler/Wrigley Foundation, we prioritize action and accomplishment. We strive to be nimble and personal, passionate and driven, and prefer efficiency to red tape. We assist ambitious and hard-working people so they can attain their dreams. We will do whatever it takes to back issues and positions for which we feel passionately and in which we believe.”
- Sue Hostetler, Hostetler/Wrigley Foundation President